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Born David Wright Jr., in the Crown Heights section of, Brooklyn and raised in South Side Jamaica, Queens. Done Wright is the epitome of East Coast rap's finest, and is a prodigious talent whose name has become synonymous with cerebral and technically gifted lyricism. At the tender age of 12, the works of Kriss Kross fueled his ambition, and his family's diverse musical tastes laid the groundwork for his multifaceted style. With pure lyricism at his core, he was inspired by the likes of Nas, Mobb Deep, alongside the R&B Soul that filled his childhood home.

As an independent artist with over 20 albums under his belt, he has earned his stripes as one of the best rap lyricists in the game. Done Wright has a voice that's as unique as his insightful bars, captivating rap enthusiasts who crave substance in music. His thought-provoking lyrics don't just skim the surface but dive deep into the complexities of life, challenging listeners to engage with his narratives on a more profound level.

The launch of his label, HardWork Entertainment in 2010, marked a pivotal moment in his career, with his mixtape "Destined For Greatness Hosted By DJ Vlad". His "Supply Work, Demand Respect" series further solidified his reputation, featuring collaborations with gifted artists like Tony Yayo, GLC, and Billy Danze of (M.O.P). and many others. His most recent success is his self produced single “Aruba” which has reached over a million views, and also has reached #1 on digital radio charts.

Rags To Riches

Feat. Tony Yayo

Introducing the "Rags To Riches Vinyl Limited 100," a collector's dream brought to you by Done Wright. This exclusive vinyl edition is a testament to the journey from humble beginnings to extraordinary achievements, encapsulating the spirit of resilience and success.


Produced By Done Wright

In this hot new single, Done Wright serves up a platter of good vibes that take us out to the lush Caribbean island. With tropical, bouncy beats and his easy-going flow, Done Wright tells listeners what hard work and hustle can get you. More specifically, he shows them in the music video for "Aruba."

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